One of the issues that were repeated when social networks arrived and were incorporated into the tools. That brands can use to connect with their consumers was that one of their great advantages was that ‘they were free’. It was something that was repeated over and over again. It did not matter where they were talking about them. The question of costs always ended up coming to light and always ended up being brandished as a highly positive element. If you went to a congress on marketing or networks. There was always a guru giving explanations and recommendations or a protagonist of a success story. All pointed out how they had managed to position themselves and position their brand using the very low-cost social networks.

All This Ended Up Creating a Kind of Folklore Associated With Social Networks

To could be said that they are not only drawn to this belief by what social networks have done but also by. A general state of affairs in which not only brand managers but also consumers. Themselves take for granted that everything online will be free. It is one of the great problems of online media, for example. That they have to bear high costs (not only do Buy Macedonia WhatsApp Numbers they need someone to write the news. They also need to bear many other costs. From the photographs they use to the hosting of the site to its management) that are invisible to. Its readers but, as anyone can conclude after doing a more detailed analysis of.

Even Social Networks Are Paid to Begin With the Brands

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To begin with, the brands needed and still need to get the necessary personnel to manage that presence. Being on social networks means producing content all the time. It means maintaining constant activity and forces us to be aware of the activity that is generated in that scenario. Being on social media and doing well isn’t just posting a couple of things on facebook or twitter and that’s it. No: in order to position yourself and succeed on social networks. You have to know how to create conversations and that requires knowledge.  Above all, an investment of time. To continue, opening a profile on the social network on duty is not enough to succeed.

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