Despite the fact that the analyses, articles and recommendations of the experts. Have been pointing out in recent times certain points that they defended as basic. When approaching consumers and despite the fact that. It is taken for granted that many of these points are have already become part of the norm. The truth is that there are still companies that are doing it wrong. That are ignoring these realities or that are betting on elements that are not the most appropriate to reach consumers in these times. Or, even more worrying, there are still companies that have not understood. The importance of the new scenarios and the new elements. That are part of the lives of consumers when creating their marketing strategy.

Which Has Analyzed What SMEs Are Doing in Terms of Strategy

In general, SMEs spend little money on marketing. 29% invest between 4 and 6% of their income, 25% between 1 and 3 and 24% between 7 and 10. An impressive 9% (which can be translated by one of every 10 SMEs ) spends Colombia B2B List absolutely nothing on marketing. In fact, among the techniques that they use the most and trust the most is word of mouth, a very powerful technique, it is true, but one that you can control a little and force less when you have so little muscle.Social networks, not very well worked. According to the study data, one in five SMEs never uses social networks. Of the four out of five who do, it’s not that they’re not really using it correctly either.

They Fail in Email Marketing or Online Marketing Although Social Networks

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Although social networks are one of the scenarios in which it is most clearly seen how SMEs are wasting social networks and their opportunities, the truth is that these companies are also failing in other scenarios that could help them position themselves better in the future. most competitive world of consumption. One of the fields in which they are failing is in email marketing. Sending emails has become a forgotten priority for SMEs, who focus on getting fans on social networks instead of databases, despite the fact that they thus depend on a third party and the chances of the email being seen messages they want to share are minor.

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