If programmatic advertising allows a brand to personalize its contact with each. Consumer to the maximum through advertisements that are relevant to them. According to their preferences, interests, etc. Why are all programmatic campaigns planned the same?”, he asks. Álvaro cristóbal, global operations director of digilant. By itself, programmatic offers multiple advantages over traditional planning. It allows the control and management of campaigns from a single platform. Improving results; crosses different variables to reach only relevant audiences and micro-segmenting.

The Company’s Experts Have Identified the Six “Customizable

Each brand has different values ​​and attributes, its own objectives, and needs. Álvaro cristóbal recalls. ‘customizing’ each action considerably increases the advantages of business email database india programmatic. Buying and helping optimize investment defend cristóbal. The company’s experts have identified the six “Customizable. Elements that have the most influence in maximizing the results of programmatic advertising actions.

Programmatic Advertising Enables Creative Personalization

A person does not act the same in the morning as in the afternoon. It’s about identifying micro-moments and what factors. Will positively influence them to activate them”, explains álvaro cristóbal. It is not just about activating different audiences.

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