Just like an interior designer designs your house, a web designer takes your desired look and performance in mind and then creates it for you. However, instead of designing to make guests feel India Phone Number optimize the site for site visitors/customers. man smiling on orange background They will use the knowledge and skills they have to create a website page that looks great on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Web designers create websites using codes such as HTML and CSS.

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That’s what makes them different from people who do graphic design for websites. Because it also requires programming skills – not just artistic abilities in Photoshop. Web designers also work closely with content creators, UX and UI experts to create the best user experience. As a web designer, it is very important to create a website that meets the India Phone Number of your target audience. For example, a website for young children needs to be engaging and interesting. Which means bright colors, large fonts, short sentences, and large images. Instead, lawyers’ target audience requires a professional style, which means understated color, professional writing, refined content, and well-chosen media.

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People at conference table are India Phone Number on computer Web Designer Duties and Skills A web designer’s responsibilities. Typically include creating a website design, adding content to the website, and arranging objects (elements) on the screen. This will also include the use of color or other stylistic preferences based on business needs and goals.

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