Online videos are one of the most appreciated weapons by companies in their marketing strategy in recent times. Companies are investing in videos and are positioning them prominently. Possibly because in recent times different studies have been pointing out. That consumers want to see more videos online and are dedicating more and more time and attention to them. To this is added that in recent times. They have begun to bet on new shorter video advertising formats, creating a new market and a new range of opportunities.

What Makes Videos Work That Is What a Study

But what makes video strategy work? Is the key in the content. In the extension or in choosing well who receives the content? Or is it really necessary? To spin much finer and position oneself using UK telephone number database elements that are much less tangible and much more linked to the psychology of consumers. That is what a study has just analyzed and its conclusions point rather towards the latter idea. If company strategists want their video content to succeed. Rather than obsessing over the more tangible elements. Such as segmentation, they will have to start working on the more subjective such as sentiment.

The Study Prepared by Magna Ipg Media Lab and ViralGains

The study, prepared by Magna, IPG Media Lab, and ViralGains, points out that the most important thing is the feeling linked to the video. That is to say, it is not necessary to think that this video will be wanted by consumers of so many or how many years, but rather consumers who will empathize with the content. Marketers know that a great story is a relevant story, and the best marketers understand that they have to use consumer sentiment to create personalized and relevant consumer journeys,” explains one of the study’s managers. In fact, he recommends listening to consumers and analyzing what interests them to create a response tailored to their preferences.

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