Videos are in fashion, and this is mainly due to the fact. That it is one of the content formats that generate the most interest among users. They may be expensive and technically complex to carry out, but when it comes down to it. They trigger engagement among consumers and are more effective in raising awareness of the brand or persuading them to try. A product. But are all videos the same? Obviously not, and one of the factors that plays a key role is the duration. At a time when internet users have been reducing their attention span and any online activity is characterized by multitasking. It makes sense that the shortest videos are the ones that generate the most engagement among viewers.

The Data Is Conclusive the Shortest Video Formats -between 6 and 8 Seconds- Provide

This is confirmed by a study by opera mediaworks after analyzing. The campaigns of 10 leading brands (from ebay to mitsubishi) in europe, the middle east and africa. The data is conclusive. The shortest video formats -between 6 and 8 seconds- provide, on average. 36% higher levels of engagement than long formats, and also offer the best results when it Guatemala B2B List comes to generating traffic. In addition, shorter videos achieved 25% more dwell time. Compared to ads of more than 15 seconds, which leads the report to ensure that short videos are the most effective for marketing. Campaigns aimed at branding (both to publicize the brand and to reinforce a positive image).

When the Video Is Focused on a Specific Product and Includes

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However, when the video is focused on a specific product and includes a call to action. Ads that last between 15 and 30 seconds are more effective. And these are the ones that offer 30% higher engagement. Perhaps because in in this case, users need a little more information. In the case of mobile videos. An area that is experiencing great growth due to the omnipresence of smartphones and new content consumption habits. The ideal length is between 14 and 15 seconds. Videos of that length get twice as much engagement as longer videos. But also twice as many clicks as shorter videos on average.

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