However, in this case, you must set a preferred URL and take advantage of the 301 redirect feature to bring users or viewers to your main website. This becomes very friendly and helpful for your website’s traffic and SEO. Many website owners prefer to register a new domain name for their website after the old domain name expires. If you plan to do the same, 301 redirects make your task comfortable and risk-free. You can imply a 301 redirect, and you can register a new domain for your website without losing existing traffic to your website.

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Whether it’s an expired session ID or a requirement related to URL parameters, moving to a new URL can still be a hectic task. Often, when your existing URLs receive high network traffic, you are bound to Egypt Phone Number new URLs. In this case your site coverage may decrease as you move to the new UR In addition to this duplicate content can affect your website’s credibility in terms of SEO. In this case 301 redirects and canonical links are the most effective solutions. These can help you reduce duplicate content which is how your existing and new URLs get high web traffic.

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Updating and improving your website’s outdated pages can increase your expenses. This is where 301 redirects come into play, as you can direct your audience to new and updated pages on your website. This is also how you can cut down on extra costs. The same applies to pages removed from your site. What is the main purpose of the canonical label? If you sell a specific product through your website, sometimes a temporary URL is automatically generated for that specific product.

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