The options are almost unlimited. But for this challenge Bahamas WhatsApp Number List and for those of you doing freelance work, I would encourage you to pick ONE key area to focus on. There’s a lot of reasons for this, but the biggest one is that going deep into one area allows you to understand the needs of your clients so much better. And that’s really important. Because as a freelance writer, you’re not just writing for the sake of writing… Bahamas WhatsApp Number List You’re writing to help your clients achieve a specific goal (whether that be more sales, better conversions, more readers, more fans, etc). And the more familiar you are with how your work fits into those goals, the faster you’re going to succeed.

Align Your Skills With Your Side Hustle.

For me, I choose direct response copywriting. And Bahamas WhatsApp Number List specifically, I write for health and financial niches. These niches are notoriously hard to write for because of the oversight they get from regulatory agencies. But if you spend the time to learn the nuances of these industries, the gigs can pay quite well. So that’s the niches and the types of businesses I decided to focus on throughout the challenge. Next up, Bahamas WhatsApp Number List the freelance tools of the trade I don’t use a lot of tools for my freelance business. I pretty much use a laptop (a second monitor), pad and paper, and thesaurus. That being said, there are a couple of pieces of software/tools/apps that I highly recommend you guys get before diving in.

 Get Your Hands Dirty.

Google Drive. I never fiddle around with sending clients Word Bahamas WhatsApp Number List docs and having 11 different variations of file floating around (_FINAL_NOREALLYFINAL_OKAYFINALFINAL). Google docs ends all of that. It allows for seamless, real time collaboration and commenting. I highly recommend it to every freelance writer. Some type of email tracking, scheduling, and template-based inbox service. Email is the Bahamas WhatsApp Number List engine that drives my freelance writing business. It’s not going to drive traffic to my website in the long run, but it’s perfect for kickstarting conversations. So having a service that helps me automate following up, seeing if people opened my emails and scheduling is key.

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