People who advocate the use of IP redirection scripts (usually those who sell software, or make money from it) often try to turn things around when they find they’ve lost the moral argument. They claim that, judged by the same standards, it would be wrong to simply create a “doorway page”. However, other techniques, such as “portal pages” (pages that are designed to rank well in search engines, but are actually seen by the average user) use well-established techniques and are ethically sound.

However I’ve Been So Impressed With

Repeating the same keyword multiple times on the page. c) Optimizing for keywords that do not apply to your website content. (clearly unethical!) d) Spamming the index by submitting too many Ghana Phone Number optimized for the same keywords and engine. I have been contacted by several people in the industry who sell or endorse IP redirection software. They are very unhappy that FirstPlace Software recommends against this practice. These people are persistently trying to convince me. There is nothing wrong with IP redirection Search engines have no problem. With this technology You will never be banned for practicing.

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The key difference is that entry pages are just to “please” search engines, while IP spoofing pages are quite different. Search engines know you want to rank well, and many even include help pages discussing how to use meta tags correctly. Some of these include other general tips on optimizing your pages. This shows that there is nothing wrong with trying to rank your page well, even by search engine definitions.

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