What are the channels that have the greatest influence on consumer purchasing decisions? Through what channels do you discover new products and investigate potential acquisitions? Where do you meet new brands? Knowing the answer to those questions can make the difference between investing, or not, in the most profitable digital channels. And according to a new study from Catalyst and Forrester Consulting, these are search engines and social networks. Thus, this report reveals how consumers are using search and social media in the different phases of the customer journey, thus helping companies to develop more effective strategies through these channels.

Today That Journey Is Multi-channel and Multi-device, and the Customer

It must be taken into account that the linear customer journey is left behind, in which. The consumer limited himself to buying what he found in the store. Today that journey is multi-channel and multi-device. And the Lithuania B2B List customer actively alternates them at each point of contact with the brands. From discovery, to purchase or recommendation. In this journey, both search and social play. A key role, and it is important to know when, how and where users turn to these instruments in order to adapt. The strategy in search of competitive advantages.

Explore and Engage With Products and Brands


The first conclusion of the study is that search engines are the main tool used by consumers in their purchase process, and it is the number one source of information. Thus, more than 90% of consumers use search engines to discover, explore and engage with products and brands. Additionally, consumers trust their search results more than any other digital channel. 9 out of 10 respondents say they use search in their checkout process on a regular basis, and 72% believe that search results are trustworthy.

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