As restrictions are lifted and business resumes, after the social restriction phase, we are moving towards a new normal. While businesses might expect an increase in the physical presence of consumers, this will not be exactly the case; as many of them plan to continue shopping online, even when physical stores are open, according to a global survey by McKinsey & Company.
Without a doubt, digital communication channels have become more relevant in the consumer’s journey. Who is using these channels not only to buy but also to find out, search and consume content?

Faced With the Challenge of Measuring Results and Demonstrating Roi

In the new normality, the use of metrics to track trends and opportunities in the market. And react quickly and agilely, will be of vital importance; this applies to all areas of the architects email list company, including marketing. In addition, some businesses are facing. Cutbacks in marketing budgets and are looking for more affordable and results-oriented communication channels. This is why the rendering of accounts and the demonstration of the return. On investment (ROI) of the marketing actions of the entire peso model ( paid media, earned media. Shared media, owned media ), will now be a standard process, and perhaps. A crucial component to support the work of the teams.

How Many Metrics Are There to Measure Marketing Actions in the Peso Model

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The measurement of results implies having access to reliable data about the results of marketing strategies. Having qualified personnel to monitor and collect the data and interpret it. Knowing the tools to do it, and being clear about the metrics they need to align with business objectives. All this can be complicated to have, but if we manage to do it. Either on-site or through third parties. We will obtain reliable data that will help us to constantly improve our strategy and gain space from the competition. How? Most business owners who waste money on marketing do so because. They don’t have a clear idea of ​​what works and what doesn’t. Spending money on different tactics that have little or no. Results are also not aligned with the business. Brand strategy.

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