A few years ago, when everything about geolocation and mobile phones. Was still something more or less experimental, jimmy choo starred in one of those campaigns. That usually appear in the manuals on what to do and in the texts in which recover success stories. The shoe brand (one of those that is usually associated with aspirational shopping and specifically. With a certain type of shoes) promoted its line of sneakers (not exactly what you expect when you think of jimmy choo) with a scavenger hunt of almost. Epic proportions throughout london. The company was releasing clues through social networks. The sneakers had their own account on Twitter and Foursquare and was checking in here and there. Consumers just had to look at where the sneakers were and go on the hunt.

Jimmy Choo, His Sneakers and the Treasure Hunt That Occupied

The campaign was a success. Jimmy choo, his sneakers and the treasure hunt that occupied all of london became the material for innumerable news stories. Countless other reflections on the power of the CFO Email List new social networks to bring consumers together and the starting point for. A wave of actions that followed in its wake. Because jimmy choo’s action, that groundbreaking scavenger hunt in 2010, was not only a hit at generating conversation about it. It was also a hit with direct audiences (going on a scavenger hunt in a city ​​is not something hilarious?) and a demonstration of the power of something that was beginning. To be talked about and that was quickly incorporated into the language of trends that no one should lose sight of. Jimmy Choo had been a pioneer of gamification.

What Exactly Is Gamification Gamification as Some Spanish

CFO Email List

The brand decides to use this type of tool to deliver a message, provide information, help the consumer solve. A problem or simply improve the customer experience. In the end, what companies are doing is applying the same principle that our teachers. Applied when we were primary school students. Things come in much better in a fun way and stay in our minds much more easily if they are shown to us in a playful way. And, in addition, on some occasions, the game manages to push us to do things that we might not otherwise do. Teachers. Know this and companies are bringing back the same principle, only in a cooler way , so to speak.

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