In this case, using canonical tags can help you redirect viewers to your main product page.  Canonical tags or links are useful for e-commerce platforms or product pages where the chance of temporary URL generation is high. Sometimes blogging systems like WordPress automatically generate multiple URLs for a single post you publish under multiple categories. In this case you should enforce canonical tags.

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Content syndication is a common SEO strategy where you allow other sites to publish your blog along with credits on their site, and vice versa. This is what more bloggers or website owners are doing to increase website traffic. When you El Salvador Phone Number canonical tags, you ensure that your website gains credibility and creates its own unique identity in search engines. Which of these two solutions is better? When you’re planning to rebuild an existing site or collaborate with other sites to secure more web traffic, there’s no better option than canonical meta tags.

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However, these meta tags can be considered a permanent solution. Conversely if you’re permanently migrating to a new URL or registering. A new domain for your website a 301 redirect is the obvious choice. Regardless, you El Salvador Phone Number combine these two solutions to get beneficial results in terms of your website’s SEO . This means that you can use canonical tags to temporarily indicate the primary source. After which you can use 301 redirects to destroy outdated pages or content.

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