Blokker was forced to close their stores during the last lockdown. On the other hand, they heard from their shipping party that they could not handle the large flow of packages and that the customer had to take increasing delays into account. Because it was no longer possible to collect packages in the store, Blokker started with ‘Blokker Express’.


Employees of your local Blokker will then deliver your order to your home instead of a national delivery person. And of course Blokker was not the first to do so. Local entrepreneurs had already started it during the previous lockdown. In Blokker’s case, they will have an additional Austria Email List national distribution center. In the near future, retailers will use their store network not only as a sales channel, but also as stock hubs. As a result, the orders quickly reach the end customer. Screenshot of Blokker’s website.

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Austria Email List

Alternative delivery options

Source: 3. ReCommerce Recommerce is a combination of ‘reverse’ and ‘commerce’. It concerns the trade in old, new or used products. This can for example concern second-hand clothing or refurbished products. At the end of 2019, for example, clothing app Vinted raised 128 million in an investment round. In 2020 they took over the Dutch marketplace ‘United Wardrobe’, making Vinted worth more than a billion . In addition, Zalando has also started a platform for second-hand clothing.

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