Convincing the world that we truly offer value has never been an easy task. An attractive proposal has always been the first step, although today without a reasonably satisfactory consumer experience, there is no one who stings twice. However, I wonder how much longer we can continue to trust that a clear offer and an easy purchase will be a sufficient combination to attract attention. Because there are plenty of reasons to think that this magic formula is about to run out. In a hyper-connected world completely saturated with commercial stimuli, the battle for the customer becomes fiercer than ever.

It Is That in This Society That Advances Unstoppably Towards

9 out of 10 people kill time looking at a screen. In transport, in waiting rooms, in queues, while they serve us the menu? people wait with mobile or tablet in hand. In 2016, being elected will be more close than ever. We are hyper-stimulated, bombarded with proposals that are so unimpressive that none of them lifts us out of the chair. Is it not because they dangerously forget how demanding we Suriname B2B List as consumers have become, leaving completely aside from the desire that many of us already have to “do it our way”? Getting someone who claims to be taken into account to fall in love with you seems like a real challenge. This is where a simple touch of customization can work miracles.

Because There Is Nothing More Powerful Than Feeling That

Suriname B2B List

If we want to be heard, we must put aside “Our book” to be all ears. Capturing intentions and writing as we go through the story that each one hopes to hear. Uniform messages will have to end so that the tastes. Needs and also the shortcomings of each of our clients come into play. Don’t you follow the recommendation of that? The waiter who knows you well when he tells you to try the special dish of the house today? The time has come to do customized marketing, dosing what you want to communicate and to whom you want to do it. Centering shots. It is strictly forbidden to send offers without. Rhyme or reason or messages full of self-promotion to your services or products.

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