Some of the most resounding successes of brands on social networks have been knowing. How to take advantage of a specific moment to launch an exact message. On occasion, the situation has been the solution of a coup by a brilliant community manager. In the others, many others, positioning themselves so well has been the consequence of understanding that in today’s world. The world of the immediacy of the internet. Things have to happen at the exact moment they have to be done. As if it were the newsroom of a communication medium.  Those responsible for managing brand images have had to enter real-time. In the last hour. Real-time marketing, or real time marketing, has arrived and has changed everything.

What Is Real-Time Marketing Exactly It’s Basically Applying

When you have the forecast that something like this is going to happen. Positioning yourself is easier, as happened for example in the last olympic games. But those who manage, so to speak, to be advanced. Users and score more and more take advantage of the unexpected and do it successfully. This is the case, for example, of the British brands that reacted in minutes to the. Announcement of the HR Directors Email Lists Duchess of Cambridge’s second pregnancy and became references as a success story.  Success with the application of these new realities. And, above all, you have to be on permanent alert to get the right moment and the exact answer.

Real-time Marketing Movements Do Not Have to Be Associated

HR Directors Email Lists

Real-time marketing movements do not have to be associated only with the big headlines of the press. They can also start from more specific knowledge and are more linked to the client. “Today, companies have an enormous knowledge of their customers and a huge. Amount of data based on interactions with them,” explains andrés narváez. President of wunderman in southern europe and spain (a company with real-time marketing solutions). “It’s about bringing all the knowledge we have about the user to the. Immediacy of social media and being able to manage our relationship with it at 360 degrees”.

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