The pressure, degree of expansion and the number of Argentina Email Address boilers fired. Back to top Back to index Article 900 . In the Engine Log, he will record the ship’s drafts and the immersion of the propeller, both when leaving and Argentina Email Address arriving at port, particularly when coal is made or cargo is received, the data of which will be provided by the Route Officer. Back to top Back to index Article 901 . At sunset he will report daily in writing to the Commander regarding the state of the machine, boilers and their dependencies, Argentina Email Address receiving the orders that he may have to communicate to him for night service. Back to top Back to index Article 902 . If when arriving at port it is necessary to turn off and empty the boilers.

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He will ensure that the Engineer on duty operates as Argentina Email Address corresponds to a definitive stop, arriving with a fairly high water level in their boilers.that the furnaces are not loaded unsuccessfully just before arrival, and that the lubrication Argentina Email Address with water is suspended to avoid the subsequent oscillation of the machine parts. Back to top Back to index Article 903 . When the Engineer Sub-Inspector of Squadron, Division or Department visits the ship, the Engineer in charge will give him, in writing or verbally, all those news that are Argentina Email Address within his reach and that tend to demonstrate the effective state of the machine, boilers and their dependencies, and the documents and articles in your care. If the ship is outside the Capital of the Department.

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It will transmit, through the Commander, the reports that are Argentina Email Address requested in writing related to its position, not being able in any case, except through the same channel, to give any notice regarding your service. Back to top Argentina Email Address Back to index Article 904 . On a monthly basis, he will inform the Commander of his ship, through the appropriate channels, about the conduct and use of each of the Machinists, Students, Furnace Captains, and Stokers, so that he has them present when forming the reserved concept Argentina Email Address sheets and sheets of respective facts. Back to top Back to index Article 905 . Each semester and through the same channels, it will render part of the damages and repairs suffered by the machines and time spent on them.

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