If your images or graphics don’t have a lot of detail or color, using a lower resolution format like JPEG can save a lot of bytes. In some cases, you want to preserve the color and detail of an image using PNG or other Macedonia Phone Number file formats. However, keep in mind that PNG files are always larger than JPEG files. Downsizing: Downsizing an image is also an effective way to significantly reduce the size of an image. However, reducing the pixels to a large extent can cause the image to stretch and reduce its quality.

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Reduce export quality: When you export images from image editing software, using a medium or low export quality whenever possible can greatly reduce file size. If you’re downloading stock images, choosing the Macedonia Phone Number quality option instead of full HD can help reduce image load times considerably. Image Optimizer There are many online tools and desktop applications to help you compress or resize images quickly and easily. These tools are specifically designed to reduce image size, thereby speeding up page load times.

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Although you can use any image editing software like photoshop to resize . Compress images they have a somewhat complicated learning curve. The tools below are more useful when you just want to resize or Macedonia Phone Number certain images on the go. 1. Kraken.io This is best for people looking to compress a bunch of images at once. They are one of the best batch image optimizers and compressors. As a paid tool, it offers a quick and easy solution for people looking to reduce their website server load times. You can even get a free account up to 100 MB of test data. If you’re looking for a batch editor that can get the job done with ease, try this tool.

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