This is because, as the platforms used are online, they can transfer the number of people reached by the action that your brand has promoted . negotiable value If a keyword has a certain cost per click (CPC), that’s the amount you’ll need to pay to set up your Google Ads campaign . It is not negotiable. Indeed, this is not the case of an influencer. Although each one has a table of values, these professionals are usually more flexible when it comes to defining a price that benefits both parties . In fact, this is what we are going to talk about now.

Although each one has a table of values

How much does an influencer cost? As we said before, there is no fixed amount in the influencer market, but, in general, this type of service varies VP Quality Email Lists according to the following profiles and values 1 million or more followers: from: USD 10,000. But what are the main factors that affect the price? Before signing a contract with an influential person, you should consider certain points to know if the price offered makes sense. For example, no matter how creative , a promotion on Facebook or Twitter is usually less than on YouTube , for example.

Finally, closing the deal directly

VP Quality Email Lists

Another relevant point is the number of followers, however, it is essential to know the level of engagement between the influencer and his audience. Finally, closing the deal directly with the influencer or with an agency that takes care of their public image also brings a price difference, since the company certainly charges an additional amount for this intermediation. What are the areas that hire the most influencers today? For this reason, on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

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