Communicate to whom it corresponds the faults that I Anguilla Email List will find. Back to top Back to index Article 880 . Before proceeding with any repairs that may be made on board, he shall ascertain for himself whether there are any among his Anguilla Email List subordinates who are capable of carrying out such repairs as promptly and as perfectly as possible. Back to top Back to index Article 881 . Whenever any work on the machine and boilers is carried out on board by individuals from the crew, he will direct it personally, if the Deputy Engineer is Anguilla Email List not on the ship; but being present, he will assume the direction. If it is executed by private workers, it will ensure that it is done duly, reporting to the Sub-Inspector Machinist of the state in which it is located. Back to top Back to index Article 882 .

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When the Commander orders him to do work in Anguilla Email List any part of the ship with people from the machine, he will take from the Second Commander the necessary instructions to see that it is carried out with diligence and care. Back to top Back to index Article 883 . Prior notice to the Officer on duty, he may arrange under normal Anguilla Email List circumstances the repairs, cleaning, reconnaissance, dewatering or any other operation on the machines, the duration of which does not exceed two hours; but without the permission of the Anguilla Email List Commander, he will not be able to undertake other work, light the furnaces or dismantle important parts that require more time than the preset time and that do not allow immediate movement. When, with prior authorization, an important piece has to be assembled or disassembled, they must witness and direct the work. Back to top Back to index Article 884 .

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The machinist on duty or whoever takes his place, in Anguilla Email List urgent cases of fire, stranded, breakages, imminent risk of any individual, heating, water or steam leaks, waterways in the ship or lack of this liquid in the boilers You may Anguilla Email List stop the machines, pay for the fires, etc., without prior notice, immediately participating in it to the Officer on duty, to whom you will express the reason that compelled you to make that determination, so that in turn it may be communicated to the appropriate person. Back to top Back to Anguilla Email List index Article 885 . In cases of accidents in the machines, which cause deaths, injuries, breakage in important parts, spills or loss of effects, the machinist in charge or the guard who witnesses the event, will be obliged to immediately report in writing to the Officer of guard on deck.

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