What to Include in Your A vs B Post An A vs B blog post template usually works like this: An introduction that explains what the two options are, briefly defining what they do or how they’re used. Sections that compare different key aspects of the two options, such as their features, price, and South Sudan Email List ease of use. South Sudan Email List A conclusion that gives a summary of your opinion on the two options, and makes a recommendation. Here’s how to structure and write each of those sections: Introduction: Your introduction South Sudan Email List should explain what your post will be comparing, telling the readers a bit about the two options. Keep in mind that some readers may have heard of the two options without really knowing what they are.

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You could also have an “Overview” or similar South Sudan Email List section straight after the introduction to give more details about each of the two options. Comparative sections: The sections of your A vs B post can compare the products side by side or they can tackle each product in turn. For instance, you might have sections such as South Sudan Email List Overview, Price, Features, and Ease of Use. You might even want to give A and B a score (out of 5 or 10) or a grade (A, B, C, etc) for how well they do in each section. You may also South Sudan Email List wants to include specific data or statistics when comparing A and B. This helps make your post more objective. For instance, if A and B are hosting companies, you might compare their downtime or their customer service response time. Conclusion.

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You don’t have to suggest the reader should pick South Sudan Email List one product over the other in your conclusion—but you do need to make some kind of recommendation when you lean on this type of blog post template. That could mean telling readers something like “If you’re a beginner, I recommend A… but if you’ve been doing this for a South Sudan Email List while I recommend B.” A vs B Blog Post Examples Blogger vs. WordPress: Which Should You Use? The introduction of this post explains the key difference between South Sudan Email List Blogger and WordPress

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