Is the future uncertain? In a way yes. It is not in our hands. But we can go configuring the way. This is how the program currently stands. In recent years, much has been said about the potential of emerging channels. Such as connected television, voice assistants, audio, or dooh. And of course, they have. In fact, after the advent of the internet, brands have exponentially multiplied their chances of reaching consumers. And not only in quantity but also in quality, efficiency, and through attractive formats and unique experiences for users. And this is where emerging channels have a lot to say. There is a lot of data about the investments that are being made about the future of programmatic.

By Amount of Investment of All the Emerging Channels

Last year there was a big change. The industry spent 10,000 million on it. This would mean an increase of 236% compared to 2018. An increase is accompanied by the progress that the australian consumer email lists industry is making to better segment and deliver ads on all audiovisual platforms; Smart TV, mobile devices, and computers. As for voice assistants, the big internet players are investing millions to develop their smart speaker systems. A trend that only guarantees that brands will have to develop marketing strategies adapted to voice searches.

Here Is a Lot of Data About the Investments That Are Being Made

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In Spain, according to The Cocktail Analysis consultancy, connected television has a very good base, since, currently, 57% of users have a Smart TV and 62% have some subscription to streaming video platforms -Netflix or HBO, among others-, as well as pay television. In addition, there are almost 7 million subscribers to pay television, according to the CNMC. As if this were not enough, the forecasts for the future are excellent.


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