Am I borrowing the title of paco arango’s latest film because I find it? Is it is compelling enough to illustrate one more of the paradoxes that digital communication contains? Or digitized. And, by the way. As a declaration of principles, let’s use the adjective, digital, or the participle, digitized. Whether it is a new property or rather a different process, digitization has given communication a new identity. Now, being the same, it is also another, with its features, its objectives, and its own consequences. From here I will allow myself to elaborate on two realities that intrigue me and affect me, on the one hand. Personal communication through social networks and, on the other. Commercial communication is based on the various vehicles offered by the internet.

Communication in Networks: Is There Anyone There?

When tweeting, posting a video, or leaving a comment on any social network. Often the only thing we are looking for is to “Say” something but in the way that the castaway does when throwing a message in a bottle. The call for help matters but much less who reads it, as long as it is so. Similarly, we now settle for alike, an emoji, or any of the variants of the Buy Finland WhatsApp Numbers new iconic language (that kind of freeze-dried language). Satisfied just knowing that our “Friends” or “Connections” are on the other side. The new “Friendship” even now adjusts to the digital parameters of the groups (on whatsapp, on facebook…) to which one belongs without the requirement of physical and direct contact. Nothing prevents us from even having an infinity of “Friends” maintaining our anonymity behind an avatar.

Commercial Communication: Do Not Hide That I See You.

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When I started in this, in the advertising agencies – speaking, for example, of press advertisements. We converted the sketches into “Final art” and these into photolithographs. By courier, were sent to the newspaper for insertion. This had been previously purchased from the rates of said media according to size, format, calendar, etc. The media plan was made mainly from audience data. It was interesting to optimize the investment so that the cost per impact was the lowest. But the starting information, the data, was always past. That with a certain plan our target was going to be reached in optimal conditions included. A certain act of faith that was, why not say it, part of the charm of this exciting profession.

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