One of the big hits on Spanish television last year was La Casa de Papel. The series had been broadcast on Antena 3, where it had had a discreet success. To later go to Netflix, where it became a hit not only in Spain but globally. Netflix pointed out in one of its 2018 quarterly results presentations that the series. Had become the most-watched series in all time that had not been recorded in English. Which made the pull increase even more. Despite the fact that season two ended with a closure that could work as a plot point. Netflix ordered another season to capitalize on the success.

Everything Seems to Indicate That the Series Has Been a Success

The (for now) last season of money heist premiered last Friday, July 19. After a lot of interest and already being one of those great dates for summer binge-watching. Days later, everything seems to indicate that the Canada Business Fax List series has been a success. In the tv time rankings, on the Monday after its premiere, la casa de papel appears as the most-watched. Series and also as the first in trends, with its title in English. In the ranking of the most popular, it goes to position 12. If you scroll through the rankings, you will find the series again in position. 5 of the most binge-watched and in 13 of trends with its title in Spanish.

The Exposure Achieved by Those Who Positioned Themselves in Those

The big winner of all this success is, of course, Netflix, the platform that accumulates this audience data, but so are the brands that have been integrated into the plot. The bombshell of the first two seasons was a boost for the companies that had done product placement at the time. Possibly, doing product placement then, when the series was not yet that global bombshell, was cheaper than doing it now. The exposure achieved by those who positioned themselves in those first chapters was overwhelmingly profitable, especially in those brands that managed to be one more part of the plot, as happened with Estrella Galicia.

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