In conclusion, you’re listening in on an interesting conversation. A disadvantage to this style is, it can be difficult to find multiple guests for each episode. The payoff may be worth it, but it can certainly be a challenging format, especially for the brand new podcaster. Some examples of panel podcasts are. Niue Email List Go Niue Email List Time Go Time Podcast (Screenshot) Example Go Time is a technology podcast with a panel of experts discussing upcoming tech news and information. This podcast has the same pool of Niue Email List panelists each week and they cover topics like cloud infrastructure, code editors, building search tools, application design, and tons more.

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The panel serves as the host of this podcast, but Niue Email List sometimes adds special guests to their lineup. Co-hosted Podcast A co-hosted podcast may be one of the easiest formats you can use. The perks of this format are two people who can easily feed off each other. You don’t have one person who has to fill all the air time, and you don’t have to be concerned with finding interview guests. The downside is, these two have to come up with all the Niue Email List entertaining content, and can’t derive creative content from their guests. Some co-hosted podcasts are: That’s Weird Podcast (Screenshot) Example That’s Weird aired their last podcast in January 2020, but it’s a co-hosted podcast.

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That traversed the topics of all things weird. On the Niue Email List show, co-host. Ashley and Kristy talk about conspiracy theories, history, and weird happenings in the world. Some topics covered in the show are. Jefferey Epstein’s death, Chernobyl, Ted Bundy Mysteries. They also discussed other fascinating stories that may not be as easily recognizable, like the. Lake Bodom Murders, The Silent Mass Disaster, and the. Hinterkaifeck Murders. Scripted Non-Fiction Podcasts Many podcasts are created with a loose outline and organic

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