One of the elements that have stood out in recent times is brand. The strategy has been the role of YouTubers and video content. The most popular profiles. On youtube have become stars not only in the generation of content but also in their connection with the public. But also in relation to brands and companies. As the recurring lists of the YouTubers with the highest income show. Companies are increasingly interested in working. With them in order to better position themselves before their audiences.

Tech Giants Will Come Under More Scrutiny After

The reasons that mark this interest in YouTubers and their content are close. Linked to their perception of them and to the perception that companies no longer have. Youtubers are seen Nepal mobile number list as more authentic and as more transparent. The fact that its contents are audiovisual reinforces the idea that it is “What you see”.To this is added that the spectators usually feel identified with them because they see them as they do. In other words, they do not feel that they are creators of content such as a medium. But rather people who are much closer to them. Meanwhile, companies have lost credibility and the power of attraction.

Greater Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

In 2018, several digital marketing companies announced their investments in artificial. Intelligence to offer personalized solutions using machine learning. Artificial intelligence will allow marketers to know more about it. Consumers offer personalized and more relevant messages. In 2019 there will be companies that will start to take the lead in developing and offering. Better solutions and advertising systems based on artificial intelligence to reduce ad fraud.

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