Technological changes have completely changed the scenario in which companies and brands have to move. Now they have to take into account the changes that technology imposes and they need to adjust to the new rules of the game. They have to be able to keep up with the changes that technology imposes and for this they need to hire highly specialized personnel. The present and future of marketing teams involve incorporating workers such as data scientists. Mathematicians and data analytics experts, among others. But that’s not the only change they have to make and it’s not. The only adjustment to make to their teams. Technological profiles are not the only ones that have become crucial. But they must also incorporate other workers with profiles that are not exactly tech but are key to surviving in this environment.

Professionals Not Valued Although It May Seem That These

As Murphy explains, companies are demanding more and more. The work that is done in the marketing area and asking for the impact that this has to be greater. They want marketing and the strategy linked to it to be closely linked to corporate priorities and the Quality Directors Email Lists company. Strategy and to have a long-term impact. To achieve these ambitious goals, the team needs to have the staff prepared for it. Those workers are the strategists and the planners. To this is added that companies are currently in a disruptive moment. It is the exact moment when things are changing. Which makes having those who are able to guide the company and its strategy in this time of change even more important.

They Want Marketing and the Strategy Linked

Quality Directors Email Lists

It may seem that these professionals are clearly important and that their role must become – and will become – key. The industry is not doing things so well. The role of planners and strategists within agencies, for example. Is something that is not valued enough and that is not sold enough to clients, as the expert points out. Therefore, neither these professionals nor their work should be taken for granted. They should not be seen as just another element but should be valued and highlighted. Since their contributions have a very high impact on many elements of the company’s strategy.

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