Whose distribution will be placed in a box located in a Andorra Email List visible place on the machine. Any negligence or lack of service shall be reported to the Duty Officer. Back to top Back to index Article 865 . For service commissions that his subordinates have to perform on board or ashore, he will take the corresponding shift, starting with the Andorra Email List most modern. Back to top Back to index Article 866 . In agreement with the Second Commander, he will prohibit any of his subordinates from going ashore during working hours. On the days that they Andorra Email List have permission to jump ashore, he will demand that they say goodbye to him, so that only the francs leave and for no reason those of checkpoint and service. Back to top Back to index Article 867 . Every day at 7 a.m. 30 mam.

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Will report to the Second Commander the accidents that Andorra Email List occurred in the machines during the night, as well as the amount of coal and use effects consumed. He will take from the Second Commander himself the respective order for Andorra Email List the time in which the cleaning must be done, so that it coincides with the general of the ship. Back to top Back to index Article 868 . It will be their obligation to instruct the students on board, in the use of the parts of the machines and boilers, and in the complete handling of them. Back to top Andorra Email List Back to index Article 869 . It will cause the Second and Third Machinists to take on board the installation and use of each of the keys, valves, communication tubes, parts of the machine, boilers and their condition. Back to top Back to index Article 870 .

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He will respectfully manifest to the Second Commander Andorra Email List and Officer of the watch, everything that is ordered or done in damage to the machine or its dependencies; but he will always obey the orders emanating from them. Andorra Email List Back to top Back to index Article 871 . When he notices that water falls from the decks into the boilers, he will immediately notify the Second Commander so that the respective part of the deck can be caulked. It will also prevent heavy things or objects that could damage them from being Andorra Email List placed on the boilers. Back to top Back to index Article 872 . It will take care that the spaces that are to the bow and sides of the boilers are always kept clear, so that they can be clogged and their linings are kept in perfect cleanliness and good condition.

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