We talked about taking an anticipatory stance and changing to avoid problems, but let’s face it, errors, failures and unwanted events will always happen. Remember: it is part of life, and also of business dynamics. Luckily, when negative things happen that we don’t want or expect, marketing resilience is also there to help us. In fact, it is in these contexts that this value is most felt. For resilience in situations of error and failure, the principle is clear: turn mistakes into learning. Instead of letting frustration and discouragement take over your marketing team.

For resilience in situations of error and failure

Take mistakes with a rational approach and analyze them together to find learning points within them. Do not forget the essence of resilience: to VP Security Email List obtain positive results in the midst of obstacles. Therefore, when seeking solutions to problems and proposing changes in the face of an error, the resilient approach always does so with the customer in mind . Resilient companies are flexible and always move the pieces of the board to improve their position, and at the same time they are careful enough to avoid that the changes generate rejection in their audience.

Resilient companies are flexible and always

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This is why it is key to constantly communicate with your users, obtain information from them through interactive content and, in general, listen and feel the “voice” of the customer. A team with this value remains focused on finding pockets of innovation in its market segment, allowing it to make positive changes and take advantage of new opportunities without fear of failure or unexpected situations that always arise in growth journeys. And good! You already know, for sure. What resilience is in marketing and how to apply it in your field of work and professional performance. Good luck! Remember that the key is to put aside the old paradigms and embrace change, improvement, overcoming and innovation.

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