For example, the book describes stories of managers who just worked. Netflix for a few days and were surprised that. Million-dollar contracts independently on day three. Netflix culture Feedback drives innovation to the highest point In addition to freedom, continuous feedback is also an important theme in the company culture at Netflix. Most traditional companies only provide top-down feedback. In addition, the employee receives points for improvement from his or her manager during an assessment interview.

The goalkeeper test

In fact, in many cultures it is absolutely unthinkable and unacceptable to criticize someone higher in the hierarchy. Netflix completely ignores the hierarchy of feedback. Employees are required to provide feedback to their manager, or even the CEO, when they exhibit behavior that Argentina Email Database is not in line with the company’s interests. That is why they use the so-called ‘4A principle’ at Netflix for giving and receiving feedback.

Accept or put aside. 

The 4A principle of giving feedback assistance. You have to give the feedback with a positive intention. Intentionally hurt the other person or work on your political agenda. Action-oriented. The feedback should focus on what the recipient can do differently. Therefore, give concrete tips that can lead to improvement in the future. To appreciate. Naturally, people tend to defend or explain themselves when they receive criticism.

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