Documentation Adding as much authority into your content as possible, is essential. Especially if you’re early on in your career. Readers want to know that you’re using real research. Ghana Phone Numbers List to Ghana Phone Numbers List back up the points that you’re presenting to them. Using my example here again… I can make the claim that a blog will benefit any business owner, but without proof—people will (rightly) Ghana Phone Numbers List question if my information is accurate. And even if my points are considered accurate,

 Don’t Sacrifice Clarity For Cleverness

In order to properly cite them in each Ghana Phone Numbers List subsection of your blog post as you’re writing. Here’s an example of what this looks like in my own blog post outline: Blogging for Business: 5 Incredible Benefits Blogging Helps Your Business Site Rank Higher in Search Engine Results Organic traffic is important (include statistic — 32% of shoppers start with a Google search) Content = higher rankings on search Ghana Phone Numbers List engines (include statistic — the optimal length for a blog post is 2,250 to 2,500 words) Add subheading for how to rank higher Content needs to be valuable Long-form content ranks higher (include link — top ranking content in Google averages between 1,140-1285 words) Update content regularly.

Observe Headline Length Best Practices

Use keywords (include link — how to do Ghana Phone Numbers List keyword research to get more traffic) Blogging Gives People Content They Can Share Blog posts are more likely to shared on social media (include link — using social media to supercharge your growth) People like sharing relevant blog posts (include link — the psychology of social media sharing) More opportunities for backlinks (include link — backlink definition: 230 blogging terms to know) Blogging Helps Your Business Connect With Customers Blogs give people a way to Ghana Phone Numbers List contact you You offer them something valuable Blogging Helps With Branding and Brand Recognition Great branding opportunity (include link — why brand building is important) Your customers and potential.

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