in the comment section of your competitor’s blog posts? For a more thorough analysis of understanding the needs of your audience, I’ve written a guide that includes 11 smart ways to find Thailand Email List your target audience. 2. Perform Keyword Research Keyword research is another way to determine which topics to write about on your blog. Thailand Email List Keyword research allows you to map your reader’s Thailand Email List needs to actual keywords they’re searching for in order to get the answers they’re seeking. Doing Keyword Research to Make Sure You’re Writing Smart.

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Blog Content Once you’ve determined Thailand Email List what topics they may be interested in, you can also learn what keywords they’re most likely to use when searching for answers on Google and other search engines. For a free search keyword research tool, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner or Twinword Ideas. Today, I use the Thailand Email List more premium-priced SEO tool, Ahrefs to do my own keyword planning, but it’s not a Thailand Email List essential expense when you’re still in the earlier days of blogging. That being said, it’s extremely powerful for determining which keywords you should focus your content around—so if you have a friend or two who’d be interested in splitting the cost, Ahrefs is a great investment.

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When you’re doing keyword research, there is Thailand Email List two main factors under consideration. Keyword search volume Keyword difficulty. Keyword search volume is the number of people that search for a given word or phrase in a month. I’ll use Google’s keyword planner to show you an example of keyword search volume. Below, I typed in the term “best travel destinations. To see if this is something that people search for on Google. Screenshot of Thailand Email List Google Search Results and Keyword Volume During SEO Research Process The results show me that 1,000 – 10,000 people search for this phrase each month. The results also show me other similar phrases that people search for.

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