With the exception of one URL, the organic search results do not contain any URLs that serve these intents. For example, you won’t see an ecommerce landing page listing Panama Phone Number Robusta (or Arabica) beans. Apparently, informational intent and need predominates in these searches. Think before you create content You probably only got the above insights by analyzing the SERP for each keyword separately. You also understand that there is no need to manually perform an analysis. Keyword research of 5,000 or more search terms. As an SEO consultant, you Panama Phone Number have the task of connecting the right actions to the insights. From a keyword analysis. Before creating content, you first want to be able to answer the following questions in a well-founded way: What type of pages (and functionalities) best capture the search query.

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What intention(s) does the seeker have? What explicit and Panama Phone Number underlying latent questions and needs does the searcher have? Which content formats are best suited to answer the questions? And ideally also: Who is looking for this? (who is your target audience) Before you can connect correct actions to a keyword, you must first know which Panama Phone Number keywords are semantically related in the first place and which keywords respond to the same intentions and information needs. Clustering keywords correctly gives you a rock-solid start for a content strategy. You will gain a better understanding of how to organize pages and which clusters of keywords you can rank for.

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What does semantic keyword clustering involve? Clustering Panama Phone Number keywords means that you cluster keywords that are semantically related and respond to the same search intent in a group. How does this work in practice? In 2017 I wrote an article about ‘whiskey for beginners’ for Gall & Gall. I was a novice whiskey drinker at the time and I consulted Panama Phone Number myself to understand what the content of the article would become. I asked myself the aforementioned 4 questions: What type of page (and functionalities) best accommodate the search? A blog article What intentions does the seeker have? Informative and perhaps commercial. The seeker mainly wants to know which whiskey she or he can try as a novice whiskey drinker.

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