Unfortunately, many businesses do a poor job of tracking this type of data. While most businesses have tools to track their basic traffic, most businesses don’t know exactly which activities and web links make money Finland Phone Number which don’t. Some people bite the bullet and spend (minimum) $2,000 a month on services like WebTrend’s e-commerce edition. WebTrends offers a great service, but unfortunately, many businesses can’t afford it.

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Until recently, that’s what we’ve been doing. Unfortunately, the average small business has few good options. Ecommerce data such as sales and ROI (return on investment) needs to be tracked cost-effectively by how they find Finland Phone Number that you actually exist. According to customer feedback, it is difficult for businesses to find a good solution. Recognizing this, we partnered with Hitslink last year to develop a powerful yet affordable way to track e-commerce information.

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Traditionally, such functionality was only available in expensive enterprise-level services. While all businesses large and small desperately need detailed. Accurate marketing reports to make informed business Finland Phone Number is not the case. I’m excited to announce that Hitslink has now released an affordable ecommerce tracking solution for all businesses with 17 detailed marketing reports. If you’ve subscribed to their traffic tracking solution, available at a discounted price through WebPosition Gold, you can get all the new ecommerce features for as little as $5 per month depending on your traffic.

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