Now it’s used for anything you’re Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List winning at in life. 79. IDK: I Don’t Know. The next time someone shoots you a question over Slack, and you don’t have any idea what the answer is, send them back a quick IDK. Save those thumb muscles for something more important, like video games obviously.

80. IDC: I Don’t Care. Slightly more rude than IDK, only send this business slang to people Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List who won’t take it personally (or seriously). 81. CYA: Cover Your Ass. Terms and Conditions, liability waivers, all that stuff is to CYA. Or rather, your company’s ass. 82. CYA: See ya. Believe it or not, this one has a double meaning, so context is going to be your clue here. If your buddy says CYA at the end of a conversation, it’s probably this one. 83. IIRC: If I Remember Correctly.

 Know The Change You Want to Create.

Preface it with this business slang term, IIRC to CYA (cover ya ass). 84. K: Okay. Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List This is the sassier and pettier version of OK, letting the recipient know just how little time you want to put into your response. 85. NM: Not Much. What do you have on your plate at the moment? NM. Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List How much progress have you made on the quarterly reports? NM. How much would you care if you got fired? NM, clearly. 86. W/: With. Use this w/ emails, texts, and whatever else you want. Just please don’t say “w slash” out loud. 87. W/O: Without.

Define Highly Specific Goals And Deliverables.

What The Hell. HR forwards you all the Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List about the new stricter dress code policy—you shoot a message to your coworkers with this business slang, throwing in a WTH?? They’ll get it. 89. WTF: What The Fuck. 90. N/A: Not Applicable or Not Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List Available. If someone asks for a work history on something that doesn’t exist, it’s N/A. If you’re out of a product, it’s N/A. You get the idea. 91. TBD:

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