The communication and digital strategy consultant, overcome. The Spanish marketing association and the market research company, if. Have prepared the first study that measures the digital transformation of companies operating in our country. The point of view of marketing directors. An initial qualitative phase in which in-depth interviews. Were conducted with marketing directors of important multinational companies. This phase made it possible to identify and understand what the challenges of Marketing Directors in Spain are. In the subsequent quantitative phase, online consultations were initially made. with telephone reinforcement.

Digital Challenges of the Director of Marketing

The average of these four sub-indices is 50.3%, something that shows. That there is still a wide margin for improvement in the evolution of companies operating in Spain in terms of digital transformation. When asked about the Buy Kazakhstan WhatsApp Numbers ideal investment mix between online and offline marketing. The marketing directors placed this proportion at 57.9% and 42.1%, respectively. In relation to investment and growth expectations. More than half of the marketing directors in the sector are clear that. To reduce the budget allocated to traditional marketing by more than 6%.

Crossing the Previous Answers Between the Companies Represented

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Regarding the sectors, almost 75% of technology and telecommunications. Companies consider that they have a high level of digital transformation. However, this figure decreases by almost 20% when they compare their position with the competition. In fact, only 29% of companies in the sector have a clear and detailed business. Plan and approach for digital transformation for all areas of their business. In this context, despite the fact that some sectors have developed more quickly. 5 out of 10 marketing directors think that digital marketing is a “Great help” because. It allows them to “Improve” the acquisition and “Retention” of their customers.

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