Programmatic advertising is fully integrated into the marketing strategy of companies. And very few companies give up this format since it offers high performance at. A relatively low cost. But just because all marketers want to take advantage .Of programmatic ad buying and selling doesn’t mean that everyone feels comfortable and confident doing it. In fact, a new quantcats study reveals that two-thirds of european marketers feel that they are in the process of fully understanding programmatic advertising at best. Thus, only 14% feel very comfortable executing the programmatic purchase of advertising space. With another 21% saying they feel “More or less” comfortable.

From Quantcast They Say They Are Not Surprised by These Data

The majority, however, say they still feel “In-process” (34%) and a similar number feel directly uncomfortable (31%). The good news is that none of the respondents said they “Feel totally uncomfortable.” indicating that, to a greater or lesser degree, everyone is dabbling in programmatic advertising. New discipline within the marketing mix, and it is a term that Italy Business Fax List often generates confusion.” one thing that has come a long way. However, is that everyone now understands the need to use programmatic. With only 10% of respondents citing a lack of internal support as a factor holding them back. When it comes to using more programmatic advertising.

The Main One Seems to Be the Lack of Return on Investment

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As for the specific job of marketers, what they find hardest is dealing with the complexity of the programmatic ecosystem. Which includes multiple layers (48%), and the impossibility of finding quality inventory (46%). Lack of transparency or the fact that many publishers do not make their inventory. Programmatically available are other factors that hinder the success of programmatic advertising campaigns. But not all of them are challenges, marketers are also very aware of the advantages. That the programmatic buying and selling of ads entail, among them. The wide variety of possible segmentation options. The most attractive characteristics of the programmatic formulas for 37 % of the participants.

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