Video is one of the star elements on the internet. Everyone is clear that users watch a lot of video content and that they will do so even more in the future. Which has led to everyone clearly betting on it. The bet is especially clear for advertisers, who want to be there above all things. But how is the video market going to change in the period ahead? Emarketer has carried out. An analysis of forecasts has marked six guidelines. That they consider will have an impact on the development of this market in the coming months. We will change how we consume video content, the changes will affect those who produce it. And advertisers will try to exploit new opportunities.

Interest in advertising on connected televisions will start to grow

In 2018, connected televisions will have a greater impact on usage data. Which will make advertisers more interested in them. According to emarketer estimates for our market. By 2018 55% of the population will have used one of bank email address list these televisions at least once a month to access the content. This will cause steps to be taken to position themselves in the middle of this field and to take. Advantage of the fact that these devices merge television and the digital universe. Social networks have been working the video market in recent years. But they have done so with short videos that can be shared quickly and consumed just as quickly. From now on, they will also begin to worry about longer content and with clear periods. Facebook is already doing it with the watch.

Welcome to the Content Bubble the Number of Series

Interest in advertising on connected televisions will start to grow. The number of series and scripted shows that have premiered and aired on us television has doubled between 2009 and 2016. These networks are the leaders, but they have set a trend that has become global. It is what is known as ‘peak tv’. Now this will give way to the ‘content bubble’, the content bubble. Telia will not dominate this trend. Because the premieres come from more and more places. More and more content will be released, especially as vod platforms are releasing more content and spending more money on it.

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