It is a fact. Video has become fashionable. The consumption figures for this content are very high and brands are crazy about this type of content. If consumers are there, if they like to watch videos online, brands, of course, also want to be in those media. The video has therefore become a demanded product, a product that everyone wants to be associated with, but, however, it is not a product that has weight by itself. That is: it is not enough just to make videos. You have to do them right. And you have to know how the market works.

One of the First Elements That Is Requested When Establishing

No one would hesitate, for example, when deciding whether to associate (or not) with written content that has few visits and very low visibility online. One of the first elements that is requested when establishing the Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists interest or not of content when you are thinking of using it as a platform to publicize a brand or to position it is that of the audience of that content. How many people see this? That is the implied question. Because yes, the content has to have certain characteristics. And obviously the content has to have a certain quality. And possibly the content has to be about a certain topic. But above all, the content has to have an audience.

Making Videos Is Very Good, Having a Wide Range

Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists

Online videos and their success or failure are easily measurable. Actually, you just have to look at the playback statistics (which in the case of online video are usually those of youtube and therefore something completely public and easily verifiable). To understand how successful a content may or may not be. There is no point in selling the motorcycle that a huge effort is being made in video. If later you go to the reproduction counter and see that only 12 people have seen that video.

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