Email Marketing Strategy Creating a Lead Magnet A lead magnet is a hook for capturing email addresses – because people usually don’t offer them without any promise in return. For a product-based ecommerce Ukraine Phone Number lead magnets is simple. A simple discount code or pre-sale offer on a high-demand product is a great place to start. Service-based businesses need to be more creative. Consider offering ebooks, courses, or toll-free advice calls. The goal is to provide something of value without spending too much time or money.

Method Effectively To Nurture

Start with a simple design The email marketing design stage is where too many potentially successful marketers stray from the proverbial track. Of course, you want something that fits your brand and looks appealing. Getting into the design, however, is tricky. If you have a drag-and-drop email platform, you can put together a simple, attractive design. Otherwise you’re Ukraine Phone Number at custom coding or incorporating pre-designed graphics. Getting into this deeper design means more money and more potential for technical issues. Remember, no one will open your email to see colors and design elements. It’s better to have a simple white background and basic graphics with valuable content than a well-designed email. Keep it simple with hero images, text, and some product mosaics as needed.

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Relationships With Prospects

Email Marketing Strategy Integrate Automation In the first step, you outline what information to send and to whom. Generally, marketing emails fall into two categories: updates and automated processes. Updates will be weekly newsletters sharing valuable insights from your consulting service or highlighting this week’s clothing specials. Automation flows Ukraine Phone Number pre-programmed sequences of emails that are pre-planned and run in the background. This could be an onboarding process for someone who bought your course, or a win-back process for a customer who hasn’t purchased in a while. Having an automated process is like having a clone that works for you while you sleep.

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