La casa de las flores means such success for Netflix that it will launch. Another two seasons today announced the release date of each one. La casa de las flores the series directed by Manolo Caro. Director of “I don’t know whether to cut my veins or leave them long. Is netflix’s original content that in mexico joined the success. Of club de cuervos luis miguel la series co-production with. Telemundo and ingober nable. Made in mexico is also original content from the platform in mexico. But its success has not yet been proven, least of all in the mexican nation. For the fact of being a doctor and being clear. About my expectations and aspirations on a personal level.

What Is Known Is That the Telenovela Format Ensures Success

It is enough to see the fury caused by luis miguel. La serie and now with la casa de las flores, whose director recognized. That The project supposes the reinvention of a product that has been. Very ‘generous’ with mexico devalued over the years, but still valid. Novels, so it does not offend him to be told that it is a melodrama. Or a soap opera given the Singapore B2B List rumors of a new season. Netflix resumes this successful version not only with one but with two more seasons. And has already set a release date. Twitter woke up with the hooters trend among. The most prominent in mexico this as a result of a strange. Story that occurred in one of the restaurants. Twitter woke up with the hooters trend among.

The Most Prominent in Mexico a User of the Platform Told

Singapore B2B List

In his profile that a waitress. From the restaurant chain allegedly asked for her cell phone number. Opinions about it were immediate. A user of the 280-character platform said in his profile. That a waitress from the restaurant chain allegedly. Asked him for his cell phone number, to which he did. Not agree because he is a doctor and hinted that it seems. Little to him to have a partner who has the job of a waitress. Given her academic level. This is the original tweet. Today we went to hooters and a waitress. Pretty was flirting with me the whole time and before. We left she asked me for my cell number. Of course I didn’t give it to her. And not because I was a waitress.

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