For example, I start each Brazil B2B List work day by turning off my phone and email work. On tasks that matter to me for an hour. Then you also need support, support to carry out this behavioral intention. For example, you could put a note on your desk or keep track of whether you have also kept to this intention. This ensures that it also Brazil B2B List becomes a good habit or routine. Those support incentives help to change behavior. The immediate environment is important. How can you support this desired behavior? If you want colleagues to consult more, put them as Brazil B2B List close to each other as possible.

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To become a better Brazil B2B List manager, hold peer reviews with other managers. But you can also stimulate changes with physical stimuli. Just think of the marked walkways in a factory to make the working environment safer. Change is a learning process. If you want to implement innovations, you look at what you want to Brazil B2B List change. You choose your goal, translate it into behavior and you choose your support. Then you make sure that the support is in order first, then you try out the new desired behavior and so you work towards your goal. Room for creativity pays off Creativity ensures that you see new opportunities and come up Brazil B2B List with solutions.

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So come up with new concepts and Brazil B2B List create an environment where employees feel safe enough to share their ideas. Make sure you also know what your target audience wants and what it’s worth to them. So involve your target group and your employees as much as possible in your innovations, because they often have creative Brazil B2B List ideas and solutions. Then take the time to implement these changes as well. Compose your own training and receive a 10% discount Are you interested in following multiple Frankwatching Brazil B2B List training courses?

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