When establishing the marketing and advertising strategy, those responsible must be able to be as dynamic as the market. That is, they cannot fall asleep in the clouds and insist that things follow the same rhythm. That they have always followed. If the market changes and if things need to be readjusted. They must do the same and change and readjust the marketing and advertising strategy, responding to the needs of the moment. Perhaps what has happened in recent weeks with the coronavirus crisis is a perfect example. How marketers must adjust their actions to the impact of the moment. Things have changed abruptly, they have done so very quickly and in order to remain. Relevant it was necessary to adjust to the new situation. Failure to do so could have a very negative impact on the potential results obtained.

It Is That the Problem of Not Adjusting the Marketing

Advertising strategy and of not being attentive to the changes and the thread of the times is not only. That the messages cease to be relevant or that there is a dissonance between. The consumer and the list of ghana phone numbers moment and what the brand does and says. But also significantly weighs down the results obtained. Sticking to ‘business as usual’ hampers ROI and reduces the economic impact of what you’re doing. Whatever the context in which this happens (that is, it’s not just a problem during the coronavirus era, it’s always a drag). In fact. An estimate from a British study has put into numbers the impact it will have on your bottom. Line and how not adjusting to the context hurts ROI.

A 30% Drop in Roi but Beyond the Specific Accounts of the British Market

Directly, they lose in return on investment. The drop is 30%, which is what they expect to lose this year in Rome. If they don’t realign what they do and how they do it. The accounts that have determined how much return will be lost are based on. The maintenance of what they have called a “Typical advertiser.” so that this does not happen to them, those responsible for the study. Carried out by equity, believe that advertising spending should be reduced in general. But in a specific way that which is done in cinema. Outdoor advertising and print media.

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