Now that you know what normalization is exactly, you can move on to the topic and see when you should use it. Because there are more cases than the two I mentioned in the Austria Phone Number above.  Different URLs for the same content Various different categories and tags leading to the same content. Mobile website showing the same content but at a different  that both produce the same content various ports When a website has both www and non-www versions If you share syndicated content

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These are some of the main conditions where we can apply URL canonicalization to avoid our website facing any kind of duplicate content penalty. This is when you shouldn’t be doing URL normalization! There are Austria Phone Number in which we should not perform URL normalization, and this part of the article aims to specify those specific conditions. You can also treat these as errors when it comes to URL canonicalization . Let me list them all. I’ll try to explain most of this in a very simple way.

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Lines Of Code To Do This

Skip pagination normalization If you’re going to canonicalize pagination URLs, then you should know this is a very bad idea. You shouldn’t add canonicalization tags on the second page of the URL because Austria Phone Number won’t index the URL at all. Multiple canonical tags are bad If a web page has This canonical style can lead to a lot of errors. You need to understand that the more complete your canonical markup. The better it is for you and your contentThe above markup is a better way to apply normalization.

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