The report reveals that nearly two-thirds of brands believe that advertising and marketing technologies are not sufficiently integrated. Seven out of ten brands do not take an omnichannel approach to their advertising. The current global context of digital advertising calls for greater respect for consumers. Privacy and for offering ads with relevant experiences. Econsultancy’s latest report for MediaMath, dream vs. Reality. The state of consumer-first and omnichannel marketing, reveals that although 91% of brands and advertisers recognize. The paramount importance of focusing on the consumer.

The Work of Econsultancy Which Is Based on Surveys Carried

The work of consultancy, which is based on surveys carried out with more than 400 professionals in. The digital advertising sector, also indicates that although 92% of brands agree that. The integration between Canadian phone number database technology and data allows more effectiveness. Most of them have not yet achieved it. In fact, almost two-thirds of brands (63%) and 96% of agencies and technology. Other interesting data provided by the report are the following. 67% see the ability to dynamically segment audiences as one of the top three options to achieve their desired reach.

The Work of Econsultancy Which Is Based on Surveys Carried

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The lack of an omnichannel, consumer-centric approach can cause some problems that decrease. The effectiveness of marketing, thus affecting the consumer experience. In this sense, the study indicates that seven out of ten organizations. They do not have an omnichannel approach in their digital advertising strategy. Lack the ability to accurately allocate and invest their spending on digital advertising versus offline channels. Along their conversion journey. However, it is often difficult to determine the right mix of channels. To achieve in addition, existing tools for omnichannel execution. Can be unwieldy and sometimes doesn’t offer the ability to reach all consumer touchpoints.

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