Comments, votes, and opinions are one of the crucial elements in the internet age when. It comes to creating a public image of a product, a brand or a store/establishment. In the network age, not only do consumers increasingly want to give their opinion and point out what they like and don’t like about the things they are buying and consuming. But they also increasingly expect to be able to read what other consumers have said. Before. Consumption in the online era is marked by opinions and by what other buyers share. But this creates a new source of tension for brands and companies that can be affected by these comments. After all, anyone can leave an opinion online. You only need to have an internet connection and some basic knowledge of how it works to leave a comment.

It Is Feared That Consumers Will End Up Entering a Kind

False comment is also feared. In fact, that is possibly the first thing that decision-makers mention when they are told. That they must be open to comments and that they have to be present on the network. They are convinced that Albania WhatsApp Number List as soon as they do, their competitors will take. The opportunity to drown them with an avalanche of false comments that attack them and that their. Potential clients will not know the difference between the real negative comment and the invented one. Because, of course, once you open yourself to comments, you will receive positive opinions and you will also receive those that are negative. The comments have, whether the managers of the companies want it or not, two sides.

The Positive Power of Negative Feedback and While

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And while positive and enthusiastic feedback is the most sought after and desired. It’s not the only thing that can be achieved, nor is it the only thing that companies should welcome. Negative opinions are quite painful, especially when they criticize issues that are nuanced. For example. A consumer who complains that they have not had a superior quality when they have paid. A low price or someone who is commenting on an issue that goes beyond. What the brand or company can do are often quite frustrating for those who are suffering. Those opinions.

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