One of the formats that is gaining more and more weight in internet advertising is what is known as native advertising. The contents are served directly integrated into the environment in which. They are displayed and are a part (in a certain way) of the medium in which they appear. Are they like the advertorials of the past? Not exactly. Native advertising is interesting content, which contributes something to the reader and is therefore much. Better seen by them than traditional ads. In addition, bearing in mind that ‘usual’ advertising is experiencing its worst. Moments (after all, we are in the age of adblockers and also in a time when banner blindness is more pronounced). This type of new format help meet the needs of brands and media, generating a valued relationship for the consumer.

The Consumer Receives Content That Interests Him and to Which

But is it really all that glitters gold in native advertising? Is the model really sustainable and is the format. Really that well received by consumers? Media, and brands? Although some online media have already bet or are doing it in the future for a world without ads. Things are a bit more complicated. The great examples of how you can survive without traditional . Advertising has been showing Luxembourg B2B List that things are not that easy. Buzzfeed, is a great example so far of how native advertising can solve all problems. Has just missed the mark, which many have already seen as the endpoint to the idea. It is possible to live without banners. Analysts then pointed out that the problems. Were not only in the medium itself and in its strategy but that there was also a contextual element.

Native Advertising Began to Be More Questioned

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It is not that native advertising has stopped working, but that we have to think better about what is being done and how it is being done. Native advertising began to be more questioned. Had he ceased to be El Dorado? The truth is that, as in everything, certain buts had to be put in and it had to be remembered from the beginning that not everything goes with the excuse of native advertising. It is not that native advertising has stopped working or that it should be condemned for a misstep, but rather that it is necessary to think better about what is being done and how it is being done.

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