Sounds on the internet have gone through different stages.  Currently, with video on the throne, we move on to immersive cross-platform experiences in which. Visual expressions cannot be devoid of their corresponding sound to be complete. However, one of the golden rules of sound on the internet is that it must be optional. In the latest survey conducted by the Audio Branding Academy of the 23 most important agencies in. The audio branding sector, web pages emerged as one of the three most promising opportunities in this discipline. They share a podium with the sound of the apps and that of the points of sale. And it is that the web pages every day sound more and every day they sound better.

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The sound experience is increasingly important for users who do not, should not, or cannot look at a screen. Audio is not native yet on most websites and apps. But it is on smartphones and gps devices. Today’s gadgets express themselves with sounds. With the VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists internet of things, the more connected the instruments are. The more they have to count, and most of the time they will do it with sound.  To create pleasant and harmonious spaces. Pertinent, non-intrusive sounds that add value to their communications.

Of Big Digital Brandswhat Does a Company Need Platforms That

VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists

The emotional dimension of sound, as we know, is capital. The sound changes our mood, our feelings, and our emotions. Realizing that 95% of our purchasing decisions are emotional and not conscious. Brands have invested heavily in the use of sound to create multi-sensory brand experiences. According to the principle of multisensory integration defined by professor Charles Spence. Head of the crossmodal research group at the university of oxford. If we take a visual message and add a congruent sound message to it. Its impact increases by 111%. And as we add senses, the multiplier effect accumulates. The sounds must add value.

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