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They can be hard to read but extremely useful to learn from. , : What if that happened here? How can we avoid this accident experienced by a similar company? How are we already avoiding this type of accident? Looking Beyond Traditional Communication Tools As the workplace became more diverse and t, communicating toolbox safety talks in only one language has become challenging. Using imagery and simple ‘non-verbal’ communication already poses a challenge to H&S professionals. There can only be so many Homer Simpson Safety Posters that can be rechurned, and, frankly, they’ve had their day! Fortunately, plenty of. For example, European authorities developed a wide range of free videos with a new cartoon character called Napo at They include visual information on common hazards in the workplace across various industries. The videos can raise safety awareness in a mildly comical way and help start conversations. Effectively Digitising Toolbox Talks Furthermore, businesses can deliver toolbox safety talks directly into the hands of the front line using SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor) Heads Up feature as a toolbox talk platform, especially whilst utilizing Free Seats with Premium.

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That’s an issue that employers need to be aware of so that they can find ways to more effectively bridge the gap between what workers need and what the company is able to provide. Otherwise, employers are staring down an even bigger cost: the loss of their staff. er simply read the script provided by an H&S advisor, and the meeting moved on. Afterwards I took the time to speak to the employees and asked them what the toolbox talk topic was about less than an hour ago. Only one of the fifteen I spoke to could remember. That one person was the Union Safety RepresentativeThis progressive thought process has brought positive developments in the world of safety toolbox talks such as those listed below. Encouraging Safety Conversations For one, H&S professionals have taken the opportunity to start conversations. Having an open forum to discuss safety aspects openly takes ’