He will also take care that the interior cleaning of said Angola Email List boilers is done in the most perfect way possible, personally supervising that the incrustations and fats that have agglomerated are removed from said boilers and especially from the Angola Email List ceilings of the furnaces and parts more directly attacked. from the heat. Back to top Back to index Article 873 . Daily, at the time of the police magazine, he will make a personal inspection of all the departments of the machine, informing the Second Commander of the news that he will find. He will also Angola Email List examine the temperature of the bunkers on a daily basis, warning of course if it is higher than normal. Back to top Back to index Article 874 . He will take care that the pumps, hoses and other devices to extinguish fires are always ready for immediate use.

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Back to top Back to index Article 875 . If there is a Angola Email List still on board for the water for daily consumption, he will order the Machinists on duty to keep it properly clean and tidy. Back to top Back to index Article 876 . It will test the pieces of the Angola Email List pending or respect of the machines when receiving them, if it were possible, in the place in which they should work, to be convinced of their good state of service; and if he cannot find out, he will scrupulously rectify its dimensions and shape. You may not make any alteration to the machine Angola Email List and its accessories, without prior consultation and superior authorization, unless due to extraordinary circumstances, in which any of the parts of said machine are endangered, it must be done without delay. In this case, he shall inform the Second Commander in writing.

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Back to top Back to index Article 877 . For no Angola Email List reason will it allow the departments of the machine to have more lights than the regulations, or those that are considered essential for good service, taking care that they are maintained with due precautions. Back to top Back to index Article 878 . While the ship is in port or sailing with empty boilers, Angola Email List you must keep them dry, with a slow fire which will extinguish as soon as the object is achieved. This operation will verify it at least once a month. Back to top Back to index Article 879 . In Angola Email List addition to the good state of conservation of the machine, it will make it move by hand a little more than one revolution daily by hand, in such a way that the crankshafts will never remain, at the end of this task, in the same position as they were at the beginning.

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